2016 ViewPoint Gallery Photography Competition: June/1st prize winner.

Sculpture_Sebastian Reiser titled 300dpi blog

Sebastian Reiser – Austria
“Sculpture, 2011”

The piece is currently on display and offered for sale at ViewPoint Gallery.

Sebastian Reiser was born in 1986. Lived in Andorf (Austria) and moved to Graz in 2009. In 2007 he acquired his first camera and began to enter the world of photography. A few years later he discovered his love for analogue photography. This medium has since accompanied him through light and shadow cues. In contrast to the fast paced life, it is the everyday moments in their simplicity, banality and gentle melancholy he captures and decelerates. He gives unexciting places in the light of the lens identity. The photos are simultaneously beautiful, calm and complex, informal and self-conscious. They allow a second look at the world through his eyes.

Sculpture, 2011. Self-made sculpture. 100% wood.

ViewPoint Gallery, 1272 Barrington St. (at Morris), Halifax.


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